Social Purpose

A proud New Zealand yoga mat company, we value helping people on a topic we're passionate about. We want to help New Zealand's youth through creating compelling, useful and easy to distribute resources on wellbeing. 
We’ve partnered with business analysis consultancy Redvespa to help improve the wellbeing of youth in New Zealand. Along with our co-founder Jamie, they've produced an important initiative, Your Kingdom: A Guide to Wellbeing and Potential. A practical wellbeing book for the younger generation through to employees of organisations. 

Your Kingdom helps by opening up the conversations around mental health, and showing people what they can do to promote wellbeing. Research-based strategies connected to the universal qualities of animals, it’s the kind of book you can pick up and choose what suits you.     

Request a copy here OR view online here
Redvespa and Your Kingdom proudly support many schools and charities, such as:
Hope Walk, Women’s Refuge, EmployNZ, Wellington HELP, KidsCan, colleges through Wellington and many more. 
“We were struggling to find a book that wasn’t academic or waffly. Your Kingdom is practical, for wherever you are in your wellbeing journey. We rebranded it to our colours, and are gifting the books to colleges” – Fleur Murray, Chief People Officer, Parliamentary Service
“I often work with young people with very low confidence or belief in their ability to succeed in life. I have found this book to be a great tool in working with young people, where sometimes the small changes are enough. I have seen it instantly reframe the mindset of a suicidal young person, helping her to engage in healthy relationships with her family, and develop healthy physical daily routines.”- Jana Chase, Youth Coach and Hope Walk Champion
“Talking to people helps me a lot. Working through what is the worst thing that can happen and realising that even if it happens, it’s not that bad. My Dad taught it to me.”
- Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand Prime Minister, shares her strategies in Your Kingdom. 
We’re wanting to take this to another level and plan to bring more innovation to wellbeing education, so watch this space!