Your Kingdom: a guide to wellbeing and potential

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Testimonials for our services

"The energy and enthusiasm that Jamie and Hanna from Zeno Project bring to the development of resilience through their Resilience Bootcamp is infectious... I am very excited to be a part of the ongoing evolution of the Zeno Project product as I know that it can have a real impact upon the lives of young people in this country".

David CournaneWellington College HOD, Senior Physical Education/Health

“We invited Jamie & Hanna from Zeno Project to facilitate 6 health and wellbeing workshops over 2 different PTE’s here in Tauranga that service young people on Youth Guarantee programs ages 15-18. The variety of education levels and behaviours created a challenging environment but Jamie & Hanna were able to modify their workshops on-the-spot to engage each group successfully. There were a lot of quality conversations taking place during and after the workshops so I have no doubt the information presented will resonate with all participants!”

Jana ChaseYouth Coach

“We were struggling to find a book that wasn’t academic or waffly. Your Kingdom is practical, for wherever you are in your wellbeing journey. We rebranded it to our colours, and are gifting the books to colleges” – Fleur Murray, Chief People Officer, Parliamentary Service

Fleur MurrayChief People Officer, Parliamentary Service