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About Zeno project

Zeno Project offers the new or experienced yogi a better experience through our smooth, long lasting & non slip cork and natural rubber yoga mats. Creatively designed, we've taken practicality and creativity to a new level. 

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After months of trying to find a yoga mat that didn’t stink of plastic and cost a million dollars, I was stoked to find out about the Zeno Project mats. They are fantastic to practice on - the cork surface provides a great grip, they are very durable and the free strap can be used both to stretch out the hammies and carry the matt around afterwards. Hanna and Jamie are on to a winner - 10/10 would recommend.


I’ve been wanting to get stuck into yoga for awhile now, I feel the benefits for my body would be great. I knew with my rig that I was going to need a mat that would be comfortable and something I would look forward to getting on each time I would practice. The Zeno Project Alton John I have purchased covers all bases. It’s incredibly comfortable and the design is very cool. The materials are fantastic, the cork allows for great grip. Jamie and Hanna have something quality and I couldn’t recommend more!


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